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Transfered Students


Transferred Students Demonstrate the Academic Strength of CATUC


As a result of the ongoing crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), Bamenda did not open any satellite campuses in the French-speaking Regions of the country in spite of all the pressures to do so from various stakeholders. Consequently, some of her students moved to institutions of higher learning in the more peaceful regions. Four of these students were Level Two students who transferred to the renowned Siantou University Institute in Yaounde to complete their BSc programme in Accounting. They were Fotzokamga Tiziani Gbessi, Tiako Yangoue Staelle Joyce, Nya Brenda Leeh, and Smeu Gohui Morel. We are still finding out where our other students moved to and how they are faring wherever they are.

These four students, true to the CATUC spirit of top quality academic training and holistic professional formation, occupied virtually all the top five positions in the degree programme at graduation last September 2018 at Siantou. Among the five best performing students, only the second was not a Catucian, all the other four were. Nya Brenda Leeh topped the batch and was followed by the lone non-Catucian in the lot. Tiako Yangoue Staelle Joyce occupied the third position, followed by Fotzokamga Tiziani Gbessi in fourth position and Smeu Gohui Morel in fifth position.



Nya Brenda Leeh


Tiako Yangoue Staelle


Fotzokamga Tiziani Gbessi


Whatever else this says of CATUC and her students, it attests to the rigorous and robust academic formation which we have prided ourselves of and for which we were voted Best Private Higher Education institution in the Northwest Region in the 2016/2017 academic year. In the mean time we have moved up the ladder and are challenging for the position of the “best” in the country.

These students are grateful to CATUC for the firm foundation which she laid for their academic and professional pursuits – the accessible and supportive academic and administrative staff, the discipline instilled in them regarding attendance and the moral life, the friendly competition among students to be the best, the student-centred and innovative approaches to teaching, among others, and exhort CATUC to continue in this direction.

They have a word for the current students of CATUC, their friends and brothers and sisters: You will be hard pressed to find a better place to study than CATUC. Listen to what the administrative and teaching staff tell you; follow the directives they give you, and you will succeed beyond your wildest imagination. They ask all students to keep the CATUC flag flying high, as they themselves are doing now, even outside CATUC, for, once a Catucian, always a Catucian.



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