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News and Events

  • The Research Department recently organized the first of the public lecture series which took place at the CATUC Aula Magna on April 2, 2014 under the patronage of the Vice Chancellor. The event also had as guest speaker, Dr. Jamie van Leeuven who is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado State and Director/Founder of Global Livingston Institute, a non-governmental organization in East Africa. Read more.

  • On January 13, 2014, Dr. Kenneth Yongabi (The Director of Research) contacted some volunteers among the faculties to form a steering committee to decide agendas and topics for discussion, and prioritize urgent research activities. Read More.

  • Currently developing a research handbook for both undergraduate and post graduate students of the university which is going to address issues like; basic research methodology and guide to submission of thesis.

  • To provide orientation for final year and post graduate students of all faculties of the university that would address how thesis/dissertation topics are conceived, written and presented.

  • Has submitted a proposal to the VC for the construction of an Integrated laboratory  for research in CATUC

  • Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation Cameroon and CATUC are taking the lead in environmentally sound technologies for farms and cities in Cameroon which could turn the nation’s waste problem into a source of sustainable biofertilisers. In this regard, a research proposal has been submitted to Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Banana Plantation, for the improvement of banana production.  This will be a hub for CATUC research students in the Faculty of Science and the School of Tropical Agriculture and Natural Resources. It is also anticipated that and PhD research studies can be done on components of this project while implementing the field work.

  • There is an ongoing African Union (A.U) Scholarship which we obtained for some students at Masters Level to undertake in CATUC last year. The first M.Sc student, Mr. Gilbert Teko has begun lectures in the Programme on Health Economics Policy and Management.  More scholarships positions are available for the next two academic years.

  • Dr. Kenneth Yongabi, (Director of Research) Director and founder of Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation has published a research article titled: An evolutionary learning pharmaceutical laboratory for cost-saving eradication of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa through phytobiotechnology. In the article, focus on the extent of the malaria burden as a global health challenge particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa was highlighted. Moreover, the current intervention strategies were re-examined in the light of myths; socio-cultural issues plaguing the sustained use of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Bed Nets. An evolutionary learning pharmaceutical Laboratory (ELPLab), for cost effective innovations for the possible eradication of malaria was proposed.

About us
The strength and visibility of any university is shown by the results of research carried out by the members of staff of that university. The Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), being a young university, at the moment is gradually building a research culture.  The director contacted some volunteers among faculties to form a steering committee to decide agendas and topics for discussions and prioritize urgent research activities for the university.

To serve as an excellent and sustainable hub for future researchers, groom ambitious young researchers who can approach current global challenges with confidence, and above all, capable of competing positively; and meeting up with the standards of other international researchers. Finally the research division hopes to reach out to local communities through, out- reach programs.

The CATUC Office for Research elaborates and sets the following as policy guidelines to govern the practice and conduct of research.

  • Provide a conducive environment, sound and thorough research opportunities in an effort to address the present and future challenges of Cameroon and the world at large.

  • Offer strong and distinct guidelines to the community toward the attainment of its goals and objectives in the area of research and contributing to national and international developments.

The Division of Research handles all matters relating to the scientific methods of the investigation of natural phenomena as well as the applicability of the findings in this domain to the development and improvement of the environment and quality life.

  • Manage and promote staff and student research.

  • Make contributions to the wealth of knowledge through individual and collective research in isolation or in partnership with interested persons and institutions.

  • Receive research proposals, scrutinize and disseminate research results through publications.

  • Receive, on regular basis, progress reports on ongoing research from the faculties.

  • Formulate and ensure functional research policy guidelines as well as interpret and propose amendments to such.

  • Obtain scholarships for students


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BP. 782 Bamenda
Big Mankon, Bamenda


University Campus, Library basement


Research committee

Dr Jude Kimengsi - The Director of Research

Polycarp Ndikvu Chia - FSc.

Akumbom Godlove- SENG

Ngonga Linda- Executive Assistant.

Jerome Ndam- SENG.

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