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Staff Publications

1.  Kimengsi, J. N. (2015): How prepared are Cameroon’s cocoa farmers for Climate Insurance? Evidence from the South West Region of Cameroon.  Elsevier Procedia Environmental Sciences Feb 2015 (with Balgah R. Azibo).

2.  Kimengsi, J. N. (2015): Building an Indigenous Agro-pastoral Adaptation Framework to Climate Change in Sub-saharan Africa: Experiences from the North West Region of Cameroon. Elsevier Procedia Environmental Sciences Feb 2015 (with Balgah R. Azibo).

3. Kimengsi, J.N. (2015): Developing a Tri-Phase Model for Land Conflict Resolution in Some conflict Ridden Parts of the North West Region of Cameroon. Book Chapter on "Land Reforms and Natural resources Conflict in Africa". Routledge Research/Taylor and Francis, New York.

4. Kimengsi, J.N. (2015): An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Plantation Development and Urbanisation in the Mungo Corridor of Cameroon. Greener Journal of Environmental Management and Public Safety. Vol. 4 (1), pp. 001-008, April 2015 (with Forba, C.F).

5. Kimengsi, J.N. (2014): Threats to Ecotourism Development and Forest Conservation in the Lake Barombi Mbo Area of Cameroon. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy (Special Issue: African Wildlife Law), Volume 17, Issue 4, 2014, Dec 2014, Taylor and Francis publishers, USA.

6. Kimengsi, J.N. (2015): The Implications of Climate Variability on Market Gardening in Santa Sub-Division of Cameroon. Environment and Natural Resources Research (ENRR), Volume 5. Number 2, May 2015 (with Amawa, S.G., Tata, E.S. and Azieh, E.A.).

7.  Kimengsi, J.N. (2015): Rural Development NGOs and Service Delivery to the very Poor: An Empirical Analysis of a Training Center in Rural Cameroon. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, Volume 5(4), 103-115, June 2015. (with Balgah R. A, Yenshu E. V & Mbue I. N).

8. Rudiments of Ordinary Level Logic, 2014 By Fr Peter TAKOV and Nelson SHANG

9. A Core-Course in Philosophy for Advance Level Candidate for Advanced Level Candidates 4th Edition, 2015 By Nelson SHANG and Justin Ransheeh JAFF

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