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Quality Assurance day 1-18



The Quality Assurance Office which was instituted barely two years ago, is projecting the Catholic University of Cameroon to a higher level, fulfilling what it was set out to do in the first place. With the objective of instituting quality processes and procedures for quality teaching and learning in order to produce quality products (Quality Graduates), the office has not relented in its effort to achieve this from the time it started work. Two years ago the office worked to produce quality teachers and learners (quality teaching and learning in CATUC); last year it worked on the processes and procedures in the classrooms and offices that make for quality service. This year we have moved on to another level, introducing the first ever QA seminar for Management and then bringing innovation to bear on the QA seminar for teaching staff.

The QA seminar for management held on the 15 th of October 2018. It schooled the University management team on internal management procedures and processes and the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the Management Team. It also laid out the vision and priorities of the Vice Chancellor. Furthermore it spelt out the various roles of the members of his team in realizing the vision and accomplishing the priorities.
The QA seminar for staff followed two days later, on the 17 th of October 2018. The Vice Chancellor’s in his Welcome Speech to the Quality Assurance Seminar, laid out the background of QA and the objectives this seminar was meant accomplish. He was delighted at the massive attendance by staff, a sign of enthusiasm in engaging in this new pathway that CATUC has carved out for itself. He reminded staff to make judicious used of the two documents produced last year which were aim at systematizing teaching and learning as well as Internship placement in CATUC for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

CATUC Staff during the Quality Assurance Seminar

In preparation for this seminar, four working groups had been set up among the staff to contextualize Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for CATUC. This peadagogic approach was adopted in the September Senate meeting as one of the new teaching and learning approach for the University. The Senate also adopted student mentoring as a way of supporting PBL.
Members of the four working groups made four presentations on the following:

  • Problem Based Learning

  • Student Mentorship Programme for CATUC


  • Online/Distance Learning

This seminar was built on last year’s QAO direction – improving on the quality of teaching and learning. With the implementation of theses teaching and learning approaches we would get the best out of Internship placements for students and training them to become innovative thinkers, researchers and inventors.  

Nurturing a Generation of Innovative Thinkers, Researchers and Inventors

This is how the building blocks fit in for our new edifice:

  • We aim for the best in teaching and learning through updated programs, improved course delivery (Lectures, Project/Problem Based Learning - PBLs, Tutorials, Practical work, continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of Teaching and Learning, Staff Development and the possibility of Online Teaching.

  • We aim for our students to have the most productive internship placements in order to enhance hands on learning.

  • We aim for our students to communicate their thoughts and research results by enabling them write the best reports/theses they can and defend these reports/theses at the end of their courses

  • We shall make learning participatory, student-centered and relevant for the students (PBL and other participatory learning techniques)

  • We shall challenge students to use their learning to solve community problems (PBL)

  • We shall select and support the best projects so that students can carry on and perfect their projects and possibly begin business start-ups (CATUC SOCIAL)

The University is setting up a monitoring unit for these processes which will work with the Quality Assurance Office to ensure that they run according to plan.

Quality is driving everything we do at CATUC!

Updated 29/11/2018

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