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PhD in Anthropology



The department of anthropology offers a PhD which aims at giving students advanced techniques in research, deconstruction and generation of knowledge. The PhD program runs for at least three years (6 semesters), during which the student must accumulate 120 credits.


Course Work: Students in the Ph.D. program must work full-time basis during the first years and success in these studies will permit the students to conduct field work, collect data and analyze and write.
Students who have completed their minimum course work must continue until all the requirements for the degree are fulfilled. Course work requires registration for comprehensives (one credit hour), or for dissertation guidance (three credit hours) unless a student is granted a leave of absence or permission to register in Absentia. Thirty hours of course work after the M.A. degree. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.3.

Thesis Proposal Guidelines

Director: The selection of the supervisor of the doctoral dissertation director shall be carried out in conjunction with the selection board of the university. The supervisor shall be a full-time faculty member or someone engaged on a part-time basis when the topic so demands. The candidate may have two supervisors

The Research Proposal: After careful work among the candidate, the director, and two readers, an initial proposal should be submitted to the dean of the faculty of philosophy. The readers are to be selected by the dissertation director, in consultation with the dean of the faculty of philosophy. This group, or a representative group established by dean, will meet with the student to refine the proposal further. When this group is satisfied, the Ph.D. Committee will then review the proposal.

Presentation of the Proposal to the Graduate:
One hard copy and one electronic copy of the proposal are to be sent to the Graduate Committee Chair. The hard copy is to include the Doctoral thesis and Topic Committee: Request for Approval form, with all relevant signatures. (An electronic copy of this form is available from the office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.) The Committee shall then review the proposal. If the proposal is acceptable to the. Committee as presented, the candidate and supervisor shall be informed in writing. If the proposal is unacceptable as presented, the candidate and supervisor shall be informed in writing. Once revised, the proposal must be resubmitted for approval by the Committee. When the proposal is approved, a copy of the proposal, along with a cover letter of approval from the Committee, shall be forwarded to the dean.

Thesis Proposal Format
: The thesis proposal shall follow the format as directed: Request for Approval form. The Select Bibliography shall be no more than 2 to 3 pages in length. When forwarding the proposal to the Committee, the following information must also be included: e-mail address of the supervisor and student and the current mailing address for the student.

Completion of the thesis Approval Process
: Upon approval by the Committee and formal notification of the student and supervisor, the thesis proposal shall be forwarded to the dean of the faculty. Upon approval by the dean, faculty shall be notified. The proposal is then forwarded to the registrar’s office for final approval.

Submitting Proposals
: The Committee will normally meet on the second Monday of each month. Proposals should be in the hands of the Committee Chair no later than the prior Wednesday.

Written thesis and Defense
: The thesis is written and defended in accordance with University regulations. The thesis shall be defended in a public academic act in the presence of a jury presided over by the moderator and assisted by the co-moderator and a third reader who shall be nominated by the dean.

Admission to PhD Program

This is based on the student’s ability to conduct independent research or to pursue graduate work, Students have scored at least 3.2 GPA score to be considered. Once chosen, the candidate will be provided with a supervisor.


Applicants should possess an Masters degree in anthropology as offered by this faculty, or the equivalent of this degree. Applicants, in the process of completing an M.A. may be admitted to the program provisionally if they have a minimum GPA of 3.2.  Applicants should have demonstrated ability to do serious research in philosophy and should manifest success in their previous study of philosophy.
During the first semester, the candidate must participate in  the graduate seminars organized for graduate students and staff.  The students will earn four credits by participating actively in these seminars.

Admission to Candidacy (Admission to the Ph.D. program does not imply admission to candidacy for the degree)

1. fulfilled the language requirements
2. completed the course work
3. completed minor requirements
4. passed the comprehensive examination
5. made formal application in writing to the Ph.D. Committee chair
6. been recommended by the director of the faculty of philosophy


Level of Studies
Graduate - Level
Degree Offered
Applied Anthropology
Duration of Studies
3 years (6 Semesters)
Application Period
Oct. 1, 2013 To Oct. 30, 2013
Program Requirement
2 A/L, 4 O/L.
Tuition Fees Per Year
Home Student: 1,524,500 F CFA

Foreign Student :3,039,500 F CFA

University Requirement
Application Procedure
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Outline of Courses(pdf)

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