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Catuc Staff Study Day 1


Staff Study Day


Lecturers at the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda went back to the classroom on Wednesday November 14, 2018 for the first ever Staff Study Day at CATUC. This was not just to meet the expectations of the Ministry of Higher Education or the public for teachers to engage in ongoing learning. It is true, of course, that teachers who stop learning should stop teaching. But that was not the motivation of CATUC teachers as they settled into the Aula Magna for this Study Day. It was something greater than just the fulfillment of expectations.

Staff study day

Following on the Quality Assurance Workshop which prepared lecturers to adopt Problem Based Learning as a major pedagogy from the 2018/2019 academic year going forward, lecturers had to be taught how to teach students this approach to learning to ensure its success. We could say that the Objective of the Study Day was to empower staff to adopt the PBL approach to teaching and learning.

Considering that the majority of CATUC lecturers would qualify for adult learners when they sit behind the bench, the facilitators adopted the andragogical approach to learning and the method of study was principally explanation, the provision of guidelines, concrete and practical examples and group discussion. It was great to see lecturers in a classroom brainstorming, arguing, and contradicting each other as they sought to map out together how PBL will be applied across the curriculum from this year forward.

Most staff were excited about the Study Day and left the classroom fired up to begin working on the PBL approach to teaching and learning in their various departments and faculties. Staff who attended the Study Day can now do the following:
a) Identify community Problems/Projects that lie within their area of expertise
b) Design a good problem
c) Build teams of students/staff to complete problems
d) Accompany students on a problem
e) Assess PBL Products

PBL is a challenging approach to teaching and learning but it is the way CATUC has identified for engaging their students in the learning process, marrying theory and practice, providing local solutions to community problems, training students in teamwork, collaborative learning and self-enquiry. In this way we are not just making the professionalization of degree programmes a reality in CATUC, we are training critical and innovative thinkers and inventors and pushing our students to become the best they can be.



Updated 29/11/2019


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