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Takongmo Marius belongs to the Pioneer Batch of the School of Engineering (SENG) which graduated from the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), Bamenda in 2014. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) Second Class Upper in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After which he gained admission into the Jeonju University in South Korea to pursue a Master’s Degree in Power Electronics under the Korean Government Scholarship Programme in 2015. Like all other foreign students who did not master Korean he had to spend a year studying the language, but this did not deter Marius.

As part of his Master Degree programme Marius led a team of classmates who worked on a project titled: Three level single phase single stage AC/DC Resonant Converter with a wide output operating voltage range.  This project won the Best Research Paper Award, presented by the Korean Institute of Power Electronics (KIPE) on the 4th of July 2018. Of course, Marius was the main author of the paper and co-authors included G.W. Lee, M.J. Kim, and E.S. Kim, all of Jeonju University. The same project won the Gold Paper Award, presented by IEEE Seoul Section on the 24th of November 2018.


This converter operates over a wide voltage range (200Vdc~430Vdc) with high efficiencies for E-mobility such as electric bikes, cars, trucks and cranes.  The design aims at extending the use of E-mobility to rural areas. The converter's cost of production is very low, easy to maintain and the user can use the same module to efficiently charge his car, truck, bike and crane from a single-phase power source (Vac= 220V).

He completed his Master’s Degree programme in Jeonju University with an excellent GPA of 4.5/4.5. In addition, at the 2018 APEC Conference at San Antonio, Texas, USA, he presented three papers and caught the attention of many professors who presented numerous opportunities for PhD studies. Finally, he says he was strongly advised by the Electrical Engineering Lecturers of both CATUC and the Jeonju University to take up the PhD offer at the University of Alberta, Canada. At Alberta he hopes to further research the field of Power Electronics in order to innovate, design and build power electronics modules for industrial applications.

Marius has a passion for science and its application, which is what CATUC is all about- the application of every branch of knowledge in finding solutions to everyday difficulties and problems through critical and innovative thinking.  This does not apply only to the ‘hard’ sciences but also to every theoretical science. This is our way of not only responding to trends on the job market and industry but also to the mental stagnation of our ‘experts’ who are trained to expect solutions to their problems from others in the developed world.


Marius (First row, 2nd to the right) and other laureates

Marius Presenting his award       


Marius is thus a shining example of what a Catucian should be. While at CATUC he was a hardworking and good Christian student, attending Mass and other spiritual activities, being very active in the Word of God group. He remains very close to God, attributing all his success to the intervention of God in his life and the help he received and continues to receive from his mentors at CATUC. With this attitude he will surely go places, as will all who go through CATUC and let CATUC go through them.



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