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B.Sc. Agro Business, Extension and Rural Sociology

Faculties & Schools

Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology.


Mission of the Department

The mission of the department is to produce well trained, weed disciplined and fully qualified graduates at both undergraduate and post-graduate s, who are of international repute in the discipline of Agricultural Economics, and who capable of successfully facing all challenges of that discipline.

Objective The objective of the Department

The objective of the Department is to train students at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Extension, and Rural Sociology at the undergraduate level and in Agricultutal Economics at the graduate level. The Bachelor of Science degree program in this department is biased towards the Agricultural Economics discipline.

Entry Requirements
Same as at the school level. Click Here to read

Career Opportunities for Agricultural Economics Graduates
Agricultural Economists are more micro-economics oriented and they easily find jobs in the following sectors of the economy.

  • Accounting

  • Agriculture

  • Breweries, distilleries and bottling plants

  • Cigarette manufacturing

  • Food processing mills

  • Governments and NGOs

  • Information Technology

  • Pulp and paper industry

  • Saw/lumber mills and wood products

  • Textile processing and garment manufacturing logistic and supply chains

  • Leather tanning, foot wear and hand bag production

  • Cooperatives

  • Banks.

The tuition fee per year is 839,500 F CFA for Cameroonians and 1,239,500 F CFA for foreign students. To read more about fees click here.


Level of Studies
Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Agricultural Economics, Extension, and Rural Sociology
Duration of Studies
4 years (8 Semesters)
Deadline For Application

Program Requirement

Tuition Fees

University Requirement
Application Procedure
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