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1. To apply for an undergraduate program click here to download the application form.
2. To apply for a
graduate program click here to download the application form.
3. To apply for an
competitive entrance exams  click here to download the the application form.

1. You need to read through the University Requirements, Application Procedure and Specific program page to from this list .
2. Important Dates
   Start of  Registration:   August  1st   2018
   Entrance Examinations into Various Schools:  September 3rd 2018
    Publication of First list of Newly Admitted Freshmen/Women: September 7th  2018
    Finalization of Form A3 begins: September 26th 2018
    Orientation and meeting with New Students (All must be on campus) October 1st 2018  
    Lectures for the First Semester for 2018/2019 officially Begin October 8th 2018   
   Rehearsals towards Opening Mass  (All new students must be present): October 10th 2018     
   Opening Mass & Matriculation (All staff & New students must be present): October 21st  2018    
3. You can use the undergraduate admissions form to apply for Internsive language Program.
4. Read through the application procedure carefully and fill your forms neatly.
5. Application for the
Graduate School Programmes (MBA,MSc, Ph D Programmes) shall run from the October 1, 2018 to October 30, 2018.

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