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All Programs Offered at CATUC

Study at CATUC! Admissions into all undergraduate programs of CATUC is currently going on. The admssions shall run from August 1, 2014 to September 12, 2014. Prospective students should read through the programmes they are interested in using the links below and apply for the programme on or before the 11, September 2013. Applications for the Competitive Entrance Examinations into the various schools of CATUC is also going on. You may want to read important dates for more information.

Thank you for considering to study at CATUC. The following is a list of all programmes offered at CATUC. Click the respective link to read about the details of each programme you are interested in. You can find important details like the specific admission requirements, some orientation about the opportunities that will be available to graduates of the said programme. These programmes are organised in six faculties/schools. You can also download the pdf of the brochure by clicking here.

1. Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

B.Sc.  Accounting

B.Sc.  Banking & Finance

B.Sc.  Economics

B.Sc.  Management

B.Sc.  Marketing

     NB: We also run HND in all the above programmes.

Graduate Programs

MBA  Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD).

MBA  Project Management, Design and Implementation (PMDI).

MBA  Banking, Tax Administration and Financial Services (BFS).

2. Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

BSc.  Anthropology

BSc.  Geography and Environmental Studies

BA    History

BA    English

BA    Philosophy

Graduate Programs  

MSc.  Anthropology

M. Philosophy

PhD.  Anthropology

3. Faculty of Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

B.Sc.  Biochemistry

B.Sc.  Botany

B.Sc.  Chemistry

B.Sc.  Computer Sciences

B.Sc.  Environmental Sciences

B.Sc.  Geology

B.Sc.  Mathematics

B.Sc.  Microbiology

B.Sc.  Physics

B.Sc.  Zoology

Graduate Programs  

M.Sc. Mathematics (New)

Short Programs

School of Health Sciences Preparatory Program(Not Available for 2014/2015)   

4.  School of EngineeringUndergraduate Programs

B. Eng.  Electronic Engineering

B. Eng.  Control Systems Engineering

B. Eng.  Electric Power Systems                                                   

B. Eng.  Telecommunications

B. Eng.  Automobile Engineering

B. Eng.  Mechanical Engineering

B. Eng.  Industrial Processes

B. Eng.  Structural Engineering

B. Eng. Transportation Engineering

B. Eng.  Urban Engineering

B. Eng.  Chemical Engineering

B. Eng.  Petroleum and Gas Engineering

5. School of Health Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

MD  Medicine

Pharm D   Pharmacy

BMLS    Medical Laboratory Sciences

BNS   Nursing

NB: We also run HND in:

1. Medical Laboratory Sciences(MLS)  and
2. Nursing.

Graduate Programs  

MSc. Health Economics, Policy and Management (DHEPM)

Ph.D  Health Economics, Policy and Management (DHEPM)

6. School of Tropical Agriculture & Natural Resources

Undergraduate Programs

B.Sc.  Agricultural Management Systems

B.Sc.  Animal Sciences

B.Sc.  Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

B.Sc.  Nutrition, Food Sciences and Technology

B.Sc.  Agronomy (Crop and Soil Sciences)

B.Sc.  Natural Resource Management

B.Sc.  Agro Business, Extension and Rural Sociology

B.Sc.  Agricultural Biology

B.Sc.    Agricultural Engineering

NB: Late admissions will continue after the deadline for programmes with avalable places upto Monday October 6, 2014.

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