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Admission Procedure


Application Procedure

1. Pay a Registration Fee of 10.000frs  into into any of our Bank Accounts: Cameroon and collect a receipt of payment.

Account Name: Catholic University of Cameroon, (CATUC) Bamenda

a) ECOBANK = 0200122608355201    
b) SGBC =  05160350250-22      
c) NFC BANK = 17301022306
d) Union Bank of Cameroon (UBC) = 00111013204     
e) United Bank of Africa (UBA) = 04050000060

  NB: All Payments should be done in the Student’s Name.

2. Present the Bank Receipt at the Registry, and collect an Application Form A1 (for Faculty of Business - FBMS, Faculty of Science - FSC, Faculty of Humanities -FHSS), or collect an Entrance Form (for those sitting the Entrance Exams into the Professional Schools; School of Engineering - SENG, School of Agriculture -STANR, School of Health & Medical Sciences -SHMS).

or Download the appropriate application form from the internet

Fill the Form A1 and submit it to the Registry with the following documents attached:

i.   One clean photocopy of Birth Certificate
ii.  One clean photocopy of GCE O’L Certificate/Result Slip or Probatoire
iii. One clean photocopy of GCE A’L Certificate/Result Slip or BAC
iv. 1000frs for Passport-size Photograph (hard & soft to be taken on campus)

NB:  Students with foreign degrees/certificates should present Equivalences to their certificates obtained from the Ministry of Higher Education
(MINESUP), Yaounde.


1) Collect your Admission letter from the Registry from
Monday October 2, 2017
2) Pay the minimum first installment fees indicated in your Admission Letter
3) Collect and fill a FORM A2 from the Registry for your CATUC Matriculation Number
4) Collect a Personalized FORM A3 from the FINANCE OFFICE
5) Students shall fill/complete their form A3 with their Heads of Departments (HODs) who shall forward same to the Dean or Provost for signature
6) Photocopies of completed Form A3 shall be deposited with Deans/Provost who shall forward one copy to the Registry. (The student should jealously keep the original copy)
7) Students who do not submit ther Form A3 to their HODs shall not be permitted to attend lectures after
October 09, 2017.

This completes the Admission/Registration process.




August 1, 2017      

Start of  Registration(Appliations to study)

September 15, 2017   

Latest date to deposit douments for the National Qualifying Exams for Medial Training In Cameroon & CATUC's School of Health and Medical Sciences Kumbo.

September 22, 2017

Publication of First list of Newly Admitted Freshmen/Women

National Qualifying Exams for Medial Training In Cameroon - in the various Examination centres

September 27, 2017

Finalization of Form A3 begins

October 2,  2017

Orientation and meeting with New Students (All must be on campus)

October 9, 2017

Lectures for the First Semester for 2017/2018 Officially Begins

October 18, 2017

Rehearsals towards Opening Mass  (All new students must be present)

October 25, 2017     

Opening Mass & Matriculation (All staff & New students must be present)

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