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Why study with CATUC-BAMENDA?

• Beautiful campus located at the heart of Bamenda
• Professional, qualified and experienced lecturers with excellent track record
• Computing and research resources to support all including free-Wi-Fi
• Comprehensive revision classes
• Industrial support and networking for job placement and career development.
• Experienced mentors  for project supervision
• Affordable tuition fees
• You can top-up your ACCA with either our various bachelor programmes or with our unique Master of Business Administration programme.
• We offer dual programme options. For example, ACCA plus BSc. Accounting or CIM plus BSC MARKETING.

Format for Teaching ACCA at CATUC:
1. Following registration, you will have a total of 12 weeks' teaching.  

o During each of these 12 weeks you will have 3 full days of classes involving a mix of lectures, group discussion of course material, work on case studies, question practice, etc.  
o Each full day of classes lasts six hours, so you will have 18 hours of 'contact time' during each of the 12 weeks of teaching

2. At the end of the 12 weeks of teaching you will have 2 weeks of revision classes where the focus is on exam questions, exam techniques and general exam preparation

o During each of these two weeks, you will have two days of formal revision classes
o Additional support from an academic member of staff is available outside these formal classes

3. Following the period of revision, you will sit your ACCA exam

ACCA syllabus : Click here.

Teaching and assessment

  • At CATUC our students will enjoy significantly more direct tutor contact than available on most ACCA courses and the focus of that tutor contact is very much on optimising learning as opposed to simply delivering a series of lectures.

  • CATUC wants to make you experienced accounting and finance professionals and we do this by making available to you experienced teachers of accounting, who recognize the importance of really engaging students with the course material.

Attached profile of teachers:

  • Therefore, not only will CATUC students benefit from lectures delivered by industry experts, they will also spend significant time on case studies, participate in interactive group sessions, practise questions and have plenty of opportunities to hone their exam techniques.

  • For ACCA exam success, it's important not only to acquire the necessary knowledge but also to gain an in-depth understanding of how to apply that knowledge.

  • Assessment will be by external ACCA examination but CATUC will have opportunities to give its students internal assessments and mock exams

  • Exams are administered in Cameroon by British Council Cameroon and the scripts are sent to London where they are marked and the results sent individually to the students.

  • For now, exams are written twice every year i.e. in June and December. A student can sit a minimum of 1 paper or a maximum of 4 papers per exam session.

There are 3 exam centers in Cameroon, that is, Bamenda, Buea and Yaounde.

Entry Requirements
Before you can be accepted at CATUC to study ACCA, you must first be registered as a student with ACCA.  Visit the ACCA website
Registration is open to anybody and the following routes are available:

• Professional route: For students with 2 A levels and 5 GCE O levels. But if you are a commercial student this condition does not apply as you have a free entry.
• Mature student route: For students who do not meet the above conditions but are at least 21 years of age.
• Students with degrees in any field of specialty are eligible to study ACCA without the need to satisfy any of the above conditions.

N.B. Students with degrees in Accounting, Banking, Management, Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Law may be exempted from some courses.
ACCA rules and regulations are strict.  There are deadlines by which you must be registered with ACCA to be eligible to sit exams in forthcoming exam sessions (other than F1, F2 and F3).  
For precise details of these deadlines, visit the ACCA website.

You should be able to find all the information you need on ACCA's website, but if you have any questions, ACCA's contact details are:

2 Central Quay
89 Hyde Park Street
G3 8BW
Telephone: +44 (0)141 582 2000
Fax: + 44 (0)141 582 2222

In today’s tough job market, you need to stand out from the crowd for successful career progression.  We believe a study programme at CATUC and your ACCA qualification will definitely enhance your employability:

• The ACCA qualification is one that is eagerly sought after by large and small employers around the world - from the large multinational to the small family business;
• It is recognised as a qualification that demonstrates a high level of business acumen;
• It has been developed in conjunction with employers to give you the skills and knowledge to be work ready.
• It is a qualification based on international accounting standards, making it globally relevant.
• As a professionally qualified accountant, you will be seen as a highly skilled business-focused individual and as such will be able to command both the top jobs and the top salaries.

What is ACCA?
Click here for a brief overview.


Click Here For Fees Page

Admission Requirements
There are Three Routes viz:

  • 2 GCE A/L+5GCE OL Or   

  • 21 years or More(Mature route) Or

  • A first Degree in Any Field.

How To Apply?

  • Provide Photocopy of Documents required(Above)

  • Pay 10,000 F CFA At the Finance Office of CATUC.

What Papers(Courses) are done in ACCA?
Click here for the Course Outline

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From 3 months - 4 years,
Depends on programme option and qualification

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